Sol-Leks vom Sage Brush  x  Elsa vom Sage Brush
Whelped August 4th 2020
All Pups from this litter are spoken for.

Repeat Breeding of 2019

trial mating (1).jpg

This is a line breeding to our Filedmaster's Wilhem vom Fritz, I was really happy with their 2019 litter, of 6 pups 5 males and 1 female. Based on the first pairing with these two, they will produce some very nice dogs. These will be very active pups and adult dogs. Our strong preference is that the pups go to hunting / testing homes. I am excited to offer this breeding again.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

All Pups Spoken For.

Female #1 Baldwin

Female#2 Hopkins


Male#1 Nelson

    Male#2 Westmooreland

    Male#3 Grace

Male #4 Bliss

Male #5 Owens



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