Ellard vom Sage Brush  x  Eleanor vom
Spring 2021 Breeding
pedigree_Spring 2021 Breeding Ellard x E

Litter Pedigree

I have decided to switch this breeding up, I am going to use Ellard for this breeding. I have gone back and forth, going to sell Ellard going to keep Ellard. Ellard just keeps showing me more that I like. Anytime a breeding is made we first want to be sure we are breeding healthy dogs, dogs with nice temperaments, then it goes to what exactly to what the breeding will likely produce.


I expect this breeding to produce some big running dogs, with range but yet be very trainable. I expect pups with insane noses, style, excellent retrievers and natural in the water. This litter will not be for everyone, pups will need to go to competition / hunting homes.


I am basing this off my breeding with Eleanor and Solly spring of 2020, I had expected the pup to be a bit calmer as Eleanor is fairly calm, but the pups are proving out to be on the high side of energy but very intelligent. Solly is a very high energy dog but I think Ellard is a notch higher on the activity meter. 

The goal is to produce a upland bird dog that can chase chukar all day and have more to give the next day. I am also looking to produce a competition dog too.

The pedigree is solid and both are health tested to include LD (Lupoid Dermatosis) If you think that this litter my fit the bill we would love to talk with you!

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Female #SBGD

Female #Baughman

Female # 3 Available

Male #1 Jacobs(Seattle)

Male #2 Available

Male #3 Available


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