Ellard vom Sage Brush  x  Eleanor vom
Spring 2021 Breeding
pedigree_Spring 2021 Breeding Ellard x E

Litter Pedigree

I have decided to switch this breeding up, I am going to use Ellard for this breeding. I have gone back and forth, going to sell Ellard going to keep Ellard. Ellard just keeps showing me more that I like. Whenever I look at my breeding I really try and anticipate what I will produce. 

For me I am trying to produce the best upland bird dogs with the ability to do water work. I also look at temperament, and health is of major importance and all our dogs are tested clear for Lupoid Dermatosis.

I really think this will be an interesting breeding, on the top side still will have Willy and the bottom Eto'o but adding Pippa von den Donau-Wirbeln on the top side I really think she will had some nice traits to this breeding. I expect this litter will produce both White and Black with Roans.

I fully expect these to be fantastic Upland and Water dogs, Switching out Snap with Pippa on the bottom side is really the change in this breeding.

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Female #1 Baughman (Gig Harbor)

Female #2 Available

Female # 3 Available

Male #1 Jacobs(Seattle)

Male #2 Available

Male #3 Available


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