Mushroom Capsules for Sleep

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Reishi | Passion Flower | Melatonin

  • Organic mushrooms.
  • Includes 750mg of high-quality mushroom powder per capsule.
  • Reishi mushrоom extract with 30-35% polysaccharides.
  • Added Passion Flower extract and melatonin to potentially support healthy sleep cycles
  • A convenient and quick way to meet your daily mushroom extract requirements.

VidaCap Provides the Best Blends from Mushroom Extracts

With an estimated 30% of people experiencing short-term insomnia, the hunt is on to find a natural means of helping us get to sleep. The VidaCap range of Mushrooms for Sleep capsules provides just that. We have several dried mushroom blends to choose from, and our customers find that our mushroom blends help sleep.

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Reishi mushrоom extract 30-35% polysaccharides (10:1) Passion Flower Extract 4:1, Melatonin Magnesium Stearate Vegetable Silicon dioxide

There is no definitive answer, although we can provide you with a guideline. Each capsule contains 750mg of mushroom extract, and a single serving should consist of two capsules. This equates to a total of 1,500mg of extract each day. There are 60 capsules in our Mushroom for Sleep dietary supplement. Therefore, there is approximately one month’s supply in each container if you use two a day.

As for the best way to take Mushrooms for Sleep capsules, we’ll leave it up to you. However, it is wise to use them a little while before you go to bed. It is important to ensure the capsules have enough time to get to work. Always be sure to consult with your doctor or medical practitioner before making a dosage decision.

What Are Mushroom Capsules for Sleep?
Our Mushroom for Sleep capsules are precisely what you think! They are vegetarian capsules filled with 750mg of the finest mushroom extract around.

A lot of parties interested in VidaCap products ask how we make our Mushroom for Sleep capsules. We can tell you that all the mushrooms are cultivated in a closed greenhouse, where they are carefully tended to by expert growers. This team ensures that the mushrooms grow in optimal conditions, with the right temperature, humidity, and nutrients. All of these factors are constantly checked to guarantee premium-grade mushrooms.

From there, the mushrooms are harvested, sundried, and milled into a fine powder. Our mushrooms are organically grown, as we test them thoroughly to ensure they contain no chemicals or harmful bacteria. Then we add the powder to our capsules, package them, and deliver them to your door.

Mushrooms for Sleep Extract – Benefits & Uses
There are many potential medicinal mushroom blends on the market, but what can they do for you? As it happens, the benefits of organic mushroom blends vary according to the user. There is some evidence that mushrooms could help provide the immune system with a boost, though ongoing research is still occurring.

For others, these fungi might be able to help them fight fatigue. One way to avoid this common feeling is to get enough rest. According to our customers, they say the VidaCap range ensures that they have fewer obstacles to navigate when trying to get their seven or eight hours a night.

Customers sometimes ask how to take mushrooms for sleep. It is extremely easy! Use our Mushroom for Sleep extract capsules about an hour before going to bed. We also recommend winding down by dimming the lights and avoiding any stimulating or strenuous activities.

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