NOBO Leash Siberian Blue



  1.   5 foot high strength climbing rope 
  2.   Proprietary injection molded body
  3.   Twist cap for easy bag retraction
  4.   Integrated biodegradable bags 
  5.   High strength anodized aluminum 
  6.   Quick tether clasp
  7.   Screw-lock carabiner


NOBO bag rolls are best suited for the NOBO leash because:

    1. NOBO bags are sized to "pop" right into the handle for an easy reload. 

    2. NOBO proprietary bag custom core allows for the twist nob bag retract feature. 

    3. NOBO bags are biodegradable 

Universal bag rolls can fit into the handle, however a few bags will need to be removed prior to insertion.  This design keeps the NOBO handle light weight & ergonomic in your hand

Made by Local Small Businesses in the USA

🛠   Our proprietary leash body is injection molded right in Spokane, Washington.  

🛠   On top of that, we are proud to be 100% Assembled, Packaged, & Fulfilled by local communities in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.