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Bio Bag Reload

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We were so sick of bulky or floppy leash designs. 

We wanted our leash to be perfect for any trip to the dog park or trail so we intentionally designed it to be lightweight while not sacrificing strength. 

We went to great lengths to keep it feeling sleek in the hand so we even created our own nimble bag rolls to keep the whole system easy and light weight. 

On top of that, our mission at NOBO Pets is to catalyze the removal of plastic bags from the pet care industry.

Every time you purchase a box you're keeping plastic bags out of a landfill or the ocean.

Only NOBO bags unique 3d printed core allows for bag to be twisted and rolled back into handle.



To replace your NOBO Leash with a new Bag Cartridge, simply twist and pull the cap off to slide the old core out, and the fresh roll of bags in.

The leash body now features an easy-to-load funnel to help you slide the bags in with ease.


Only NOBO bag rolls are sized specifically to dispense and retract smoothly.

Any 3rd party bag rolls can fit inside the NOBO leash handle, but often need some bags removed prior to fitting inside the handle.


This design choice was made to keep your handle sleek and light weight. 

18 bag rolls per order. 8 bio-bags per roll. 144 bags per order. Full box weights 0.5 lbs.