Pure Kana CBD review for Dogs.

I have been selling some products for training over the years and this winter with COVID restrictions and just being careful , I spent some time using some additional product. From dog treats to CBD for dogs, I actually have been giving CBD to some of the dogs for a couple of years. Just wasn't able to sell online you have to have what they call high risk Credit Card processing, but I now have that ability. I have sold it to client that have been at the kennel.

I am going to review Pure Kana CBD for dogs in the review. I have tried several brand but the dogs really seem to like it and in my opinion the results have been good.

To start first a disclaimer, Most CBD is not FDA regulated, though the Prue Kana is certified through a secondary testing facility as to what is in the product and the levels. I am also not giving medical advice, it is always recommended that you consult with your veterinarian before administering CBD product to your animals!

My review of Pure Kana CDB for Pets, is solely based on my experiences with my dogs.

Pure Kana has a Treat-Biscuit with 3 flavors 2 sizes and 2 Tinctures. I am going to talk about the Treats first

Sage Brush Gun Dogs CBD Products for Dogs

They carry a Blueberry & Chicken, Peanut Butter & Pumpkin and Steak & Sweet Potato. My dog prefer the Biscuits over the Tinctures. Pure kana use Organic whole food ingredients, Zero THC Soy Free and Gluten Free.

I have used CBD for mainly for 3 reasons.

The first is anxiety, my experience is with the German Shorthaired Pointer, fortunately anxiety hasn't been a huge problem for us, we did rescue a GSP Ava. She has struggled with what I would call severe anxiety and it is no fun for her or us, to the point she will find a corner and sit and shake, we tried the Thundershirt which did help but the anxiety was still there, I started her on a biscuits, and they were more helpful than the Thundershirt, so I have her on 1 Biscuit AM and PM and the results have been fantastic, perfect no but the improvement is very noticeable. Just like people results will vary greatly from dog to dog.

The Second reason is for cancer, we have lost two dogs to cancer, Snap was 12 she developed Brest cancer at about 9 years old, she had surgery and we chose not to do Chemo, she recovered from surgery and di great for almost 18 months then it it came back, this time we had her on a couple of medications, but her appetite was suffering, so I made the decision to put her on CBD but opted for the Tincture in her case, her appetite began to increase almost immediately and after about 10 days she was eating normal, also more movement and was acting very normal. She lived another 7 months seeming very comfortable, ate well up until the last two days before we made the difficult decision we are all face with at some point. I believe with all my hearts that the CBD helped give her an additional 7 months with us with a high quality of life. As I said in my disclaimer this is strictly my observations and opinions,.

We then had Sammy a Poodle Pointer develop lymphoma, she was seven. with her we opted to start her with a steroid which was very helpful reducing the size of the lymph nodes, but I put her on CBD Tincture at the beginning and she never lost her appetite, we also opted not for Chemo, but we were blessed to have another 6 months with her, until the Steroids were no longer helping. Once again my belief is that the CBD helped both Snap and Sammy extend their live with a very good quality of life.

The Third reason if for my older dogs, I will use Willy as an example, Willy will turn 14 in August this year. Of all my dogs he by far had the most miles put on him in the field, it would be hard to estimate it. He chased chukar and anyone who has done that knows it is some tough terrain, lots of Pheasant hunt wild and preserve guides. His body performed at peak levels during his prime years. The wear and tear on his body and joints had to be to the extreme. The past few years I had him on Joint supplements, I think they helped, but you could tell in his movement that their was some discomfort, I decided to take him off the supplements and put him on a CBD regiment, he get one biscuit 2 x a day. There is no question in my mind that the CBD has help him a tone, his movement, the way he gets up and down has improved substantially and the ONLY change was from joint supplements to CBD regiment.

I am going to end the way I started these are my experiences, and other may have different experiences, but in the situations I have chosen to apply CBD products to my dogs, I believe the have benefited from the use of CBD.

I am always interested to hear other opinions on this subject, just be respectful and I am all ears!!

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