"To provide wholesome, safe, natural and sustainable products for pets and their hunans too, at an affordable price."

Experienced Since 2004

I have been in the Dog Breeding, Training, and Boarding business since 2004.

We are located in the beautiful Kittitas Valley and enjoy the beautiful views the of the Sturart Mountian range. We have been in the Kittitas Valley for 24 years.

This Fall 2021, we retired from our business's Dog Breeding, Training, and Boarding side. Over the years, we have used many products from Training Supplies, Treats, and Holistic health products.

I am continuing to offer products through our store. I really enjoy searching, trying products that are made in the USA by USA business's with a real focus on small business's.

I am expanding to provide some products for our pets humans too!

We are awlays open to suggestions, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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