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I have always had an interest in reptiles, really all animals, for 17 years I was 100 percent commited to The German Shothaired Pointer! I still am working with the GSp just on a much smaller scale. 3 years ago I pruchased my first Ball Python, and now have collected many of the past 3 years. 

They really make for a super nice pet easy care, the great thing about Ball Python is they don't get to big, they are easy to handle and come in many morphs, and more are being created each year.

For me in the Dog world at times can be very judgemental, of breeding , pedigrees, In the Reptile word as a whole one of the nices group of people you could meet, always helpful, nut judgemental at all, just a fabulous community of people.

202o I produce my first clutch of eggs and hatched, in 2021 It is lookin glike I will have 4 or 5 clutches to hatch out.

I decided to combine the two websites just for ease and maintenence, and NW Ball Pythons is a Trade name under Sage Brush Gun Dogs LLC.

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