Thanks for taking time to visit our Store, we hope to offer our customers some great products, with an emphasis on being made in the USA, manyfactured by small business.

A Bit of History

Spent many years in the lawn and Garden industry in Sales and marketing from 1976 - 2004. We moved to eastern Washington in 1996 and made the daily commute to Seattle Washington until 2004. After the move to Eastern WA, I by accident was introduced to the German Shorthaired Pointers and Upland Bird Hunting. I took a keen interest in it. In my spare time I started helping a trainer here in Ellensburg. After some time he asked if I wanted to come train, after some thought I decided to take a stab at it. I really enjoyed it and that was the start. 

I stated guiding with two GSP's I had purchased and then slowing adding to the pack. I then started to breed a bit get involved in some of the Clubs, and di that for the next 14 years. In 2020 I decided to hang up the Training and Boarding wanted to spend some time with family, then COVID hit and we all know the how that has turned out, it has been rough.

I have always sold some products to my training customers and people who adopted pups from us, so I had developed some relationships with vendors over the years.

With COVID I thought developing a small niche store with products I have used and tested it would be fun to offer those to people who know me and have worked with me. Though I would be considered a small fish in the big ocean of online retail, none the less it has been fun and I have actually developed some good customers. 

I personally search for products that I find interesting and have used, talk to the manufactures and make decision based on where they are made, quality, ease of use. All my dogs are my tester's if it passes with them I list it on the store.

My wife and I handle everything, from finding great products, sourcing, inventory, shipping and customer service!

We hope you will take the time and consider us for some of you Pup and Dogs needs and wants. 


Scott & Suzette