In October 2019 I decided I was going to retires for various reason, but one was my heatlh, to make a long story short taking off 42 pounds seems to have taking care of most of my ailments, and I am feeling pretty darn good. So I am going to do a semi-retirement, no longer will train other than my own dogs but will produce 1 to 2 litters a year at lest fo the year 2020, then we will see how it goes from there.  

My name is Scott Samson, I am 63 years young or old depending on the day. My wife and I have lived in our home here in Ellensburg for 20 years. Growing up I wasn't much interested in hunting or dogs, I grew up in Southern California and spent more time at the beach. It wasn't until we moved to Ellensburg in Eastern WA, that I became interested in Hunting or dogs. We purchased a Lab prior to the move. It wasn't long and we had 2 more Labs, then we had a Litter of pups, It wasn't until about 2001 when My son mentioned the German Shorthaired Pointer, I didn't know what he was talking about. I did some research and became Interested. I was working full time as a sales manager, so time was limited. In 2002 I purchased my first 2 Pointers.

Since I was working full time I paid a local trainer to train them for me, then I started hunting and that was the beginning. Over the next couple of years I purchased a couple of more GSP's, by this time I had developed a love for the breed and hunting. In my spare time and on weekends I began helping a local trainer, and after sometime he suggested I might consider training with him. I thought about a bit talked with my wife and decided to make a huge change and take the risk of leaving my Sales Manager Position to become a full time dog trainer.

I trained with him for 3 years, and while doing it I purchased a couple of more GSP's, Remodeled an Out building on our property into a Kennel. I had several litters over that period of time and decided I really wanted to focus on The GSP exclusively and train only the GSP, so I went out on my own.

My interest in training isn't for Field Trials or Hunt test, though I do like to run my dogs in the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test, to give me a guide on my own young dogs. I enjoy training dogs for the foot hunter and the majority of the dogs I train are for that purpose.

I planned for this for sometime, so that my wife and  I were in a financial position where I could do this solely because I wanted too not specifically for a living,  now that's not to imply I do it for free or will lose money. However it does give me the flexibility to bring in the number of dogs for training that I want, not need too. It also insures to my clients that I am the trainer and work the dogs daily. The largest factor is I can do it solely for the love and enjoyment of doing it. When it no longer is fun or I feel the passion isn't there I can walk away. I don't see that happening anytime soon!

I am very fortunate and grateful that I get to wake up everyday now and do what I love and hope to do it for sometime.


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